HT 2018 Nybörjare Tisdag &Torsdag HT 2018 Fortsättning
Prova på: Go Cat Go AB Alright Already All I Am Is You
 Lucky  Tonight    Your'e my angel  
Lucky Lucky  Country  Footloose     I Close My Eyes
Mini Mariana     Lonely This Weekend
Repetition A Double Whiskey      
My Blue Tree  Can't Stop Loving You
A To C    Country Walking  Don't drop by
Shakin mix I'm In A Roll
Little Country Race  Half Past Nothing
VT 2018 Nybörjare Tisdag &Torsdag VT 2018 Fortsättning
Prova på  Cut A Rug och Lindi Shuffle Chicken Trucks  + rep från förra termin
Little Wagon Wheel Clap Your Hands      I Won't Back Down 
Rock'n Roll Is King   The Galway Gathering  PÅ Träning Tisdag  Stitch it up   och Lonely Drums   
Stand By My Woman Man All The King's Horses
Down on your uppers For the world
Cadillac Tears  Before The Devil        
My New Life                 Mama Loo 
Repetition 13+ 15 mars A Thousand Star
  Sweet little lady
  Repetition 15 mars

HT 2017 Nybörjare HT 2017 Fortsättning
Prova på: The Galway Gathering  Lindi Shuffle Lonely Drums
Love For The Family    Every Time She Walks By 
Save Me Tonight     Crank it to 10 
Runaround Sue    Side By Side
Tush Push kommer att läras ut 5 okt Hotter Than Cold
Extra dans som lärdes ut på Torsdag      Pick A Bale  Jag Trodde Änglarna Fanns
Smooth Operator    The Most Beautiful Girl 
Cowboy Charlston A Little Bit Lit   I must Be Dreaming 
Tennessee Waltz Surprise     She Sets the City On Fire 
Big Blue Tree  långsam utlärning 2,55 in på video     Viva La Vida
  Dance Her Home 

Vt 2017 Nybörjare Vt 2017 Fortsättning
Country As Can Be   Nimby EZ 


LLH Shuffle    Drinking Problem  
Step Back   Rock And Roll Music
Triple Mix  Some Girls Wil
Be There In Your Morning       oops Baby
Baby Belle  Cowboy For A Night
Foxi Girl A Thing About Lovin You
Tennessee Waltz Surprise    Dancing With The Cupid
4 5 6 Waltz Chase That Song  
Shakin Mix Ain't Worth The Tears
  East To West  
Funky Sole
  Moo Dee Blue

Ht 2016 Nybörjare Ht 2016 Fortsättning
Prova på : Money Money   Cadillac Tears Drift Away Lay Low
Broken Heart Love junk Rockin' Rebel
Cruising Backroads  denna video har även utlärning efter dansen So Just  Dance Dance Dance
Love Like Before   Your  Heaven  
All About A Woman   Just Livin On Love 
Country walking   Bring On The Good Times
1000 Years    Come On Close
Something In The Water Built To Last
Dance With Me Baby Dimelo Tu
  Well Swung
  All I Ask You  ligger som nummer 2 i 3 danser
Spread My Wings
  Once bitten Twice Shy
Södra Härene:  Broken Heart   Money Money cadillac Tears   Country As Can Be  All About A Woman   Mamma maria  
Vt 2016 Nybörjare   Vt 2016 Fortsättning
Hully Gully   Tell The World
Cadillac Tears  Big Blue Tree  
Lindi Shuffle Mariana Mambo
Welcome  ingen Video Someone Like you
Shakin Mix Save The Day
Oh Carol      Blackpool By The sea
Triple Mix   Makita
Tush Push Rock & Roll
Come Dance With Me Under The Moon Of Love
Easy Fun   vi använder variationen med monterey Well Do Ya
Get Down The Fiddle    Making History
Kezo   Rock A Billy Rebel 
Bubblegum Cowboy Kezo  
  Bubblegum Cowboy

Ht 2015 Nybörjare Ht 2015 Fortsättning
A to C   The Bomp  
Baby Belle  Side by Side
Lipstick powder and paint   The Everly Medley    Until The Dawn 
Cut A Rug Are You in The Mood
Start Easy Ticket to the blues
Looking Good Crazy for you 
Until The Dawn  Good Bye Eyes
Telephone Baby Eureka 
Irish Stew    Down At The Station
Mary's Jive   
Vt 2015 Nybörjare Vt 2015 Fortsättning
Hoot and Howl   In The Basement    
Slipped & Fell     Crocodile Roll         
Money Money     Baby Blues            
All Over Again    Tick Tock Two       
Hurting Heart     Her Memory          
Make A Start       New Shade Of Blue
Huggable             Rock & Roll  King 
Triple Mix             Woman Trouble     
Can't Go Wrong A Cincinatti Fireball    
Where I Belong    
Ht 2014 Nivå 1  Ht 2014 Nivå 2+3
Prova på  Carlifornia Freeze    Still Rockin
Feeling kinda Lonely Old School Rock & Roll
Country As Can Be   Dancing In The Moonlight  
All About A Woman   The Boat To  Livingpool
Ziggy This is me
Little Wagon Wheel   Not Like That
Little Old Wine Drinker   All About The Bass
Foxi Girl Angel Of The Night  
Chasse & Shuffle Raggle Taggle Gypsy O  
Coming Back ACountry Song It's Up To You 
Strait Talkin  Honey Bee Boogie
Such A Fool   Dear Furture Husband
  Highway Number Nine
  Woman Trouble
  Trust Me
  Such A Fool  
Vt 2014 Nivå 1 Vt  2014 Nivå 2  Vt 2014 Nivå 3
Prova på Cadillac Tears  Her Life's A Song  Better Time   
You Know I Can't Get Myself Over You    Let it Be Love    Dream Lover  
Rub It In   Dance Like You're The Only One   Dear Darlin 
Country As Can Be  Loving You Is Fun  Sweet Little Dangerous  
Love Joann   Doo Woop Be Doo Blue Heartache 
Cowboy Charlston Cold Cold Heart  Big Big Love  
Wieye's Waltz  Alabama Boy Doctor Doctor  
Smiling  Song   Burning Blue  This is me
Memory Cha Cha One More Midnight Mona Lisa  
Gin&Tonic Water The Boat To Liverpool 
Factor Lennerockers Stroll    
Tush Push The Boat To Liverpool  
This And That  Senior Dansarna  
Hösttermin 2013 Nivå 1 Hösttermin 2013 Nivå 2 Hösttermin 2013 Nivå 3
Prova på   Lucky  Tonight      Darling Just A Minute Sugar Mama 
Can't Go Wrong   Big Love   Voodo Jive   
Country As Can Be  Before The Devil     Why Don't You  
County Line   Cha Cha    Whole Agai   Wagon Wheel Rock   
Lindi Shuffle  Blue Eyes   Shame And Scandal In The Family
Banana Peel  That 55 Ford   My First Love 
Precious Time   Reelin and Rockin Roll In The Hay  Beyond Your Eyes
How Long   Alligator Rock Hold On Tight 
Honky Tonk Angels Hard Deep And Through Dreams I Dream
Hey Mama     
Ten Years Of Rocking     
Vårtermin 2013 Nivå1 Vårtermin 2013 Nivå2 Vårtermin 2013 Nivå3
PROVA PÅ  torsdag. Step Back Cho Co Latte  Rockaway
D Light  Never Loved Before  Loving You  Anyway
The Little Easy Shattered Dreams      Dancing With The Cupid
Mrs lovely  LDF Love Is A Word
Looking Good Stitch it Up  Amame  
Shore Thing Ja'i Du Boogie Winners & Loosers 
Honey Pie The King And I  Big Jimmy
Chattahoochee II   Smooth Operator Feel Like A Man
Irish Stew Go Johnny Dear Darlin 
1000 years Picnic Polka  
  Crazy Foot Mambo    

Hösttermin 2012 Nivå 1 Vårtermin 2012 Nivå 2 Hösttermin 2012 Nivå 3
prova på dans Cute Boot Scooter  
Drink Myself Singel The King And I Hot Sexy mama
Don't Talk To Her Hot Tamales Can't Let Go
This And That  Have You Ever Seen The Rain Shame And Scandal In The Family
Foxi Girl A Drink in my hand Half Past Nothin'
Country Walking Elvis Shuffle   Rivers Of Dreams
Come Back My Love    Walking On Air Doctors order 
Tush Push  There will be time   Dancing With The Cupid  
A kiss Tonight   1929 A Lusty Apetite
Gold Digger  Not like that      Yolanda    
  Whispering your name   

Vårtermin 2012 Nivå 1 Vårtermin 2012 Nivå 2 Vårtermin 2012 Nivå 3
Mini Mariana Baby Likes To Rock It Get Your Feet Down
Rockin Robin Repetition Beyond Your Eyes  Ht2011 Sea Salt Sally
Precious Time   That Old Time Rock 'n' Roll Proud Mary Burnin
Shakin Mix  2Lane The World
Weightless I can't see Texas from here Until The End
Cry Cry Cry No Smoke The wanderer

You Should Be Mine

  Go Seven  Footloose  
  Higher & Higher   
  Burning Love   
HÖSTTERMIN 2011 nivå 1
HÖSTTERMIN 2011 nivå 2 HÖSTTERMIN 2011 nivå 3
A-B Wirhl      A-B Copycat Beyond Your Eyes Oklahoma Boogie 
Country As Can B  Something In The Water Alabama Slammin  
Hard Breaking Went To Calypso mexico Come Back my Love
E-Z Cha-Cha Luna Lite  A Lot Like That 
Country Walkin  Baby Tonight  Making Your Mind  up 
Money money   Purr Kitty Cheek To Cheek 
Shore Thing Mexican Pepper Doll Ashes Of Love 
New Train Honky Tonk Twist  Amame 
Ghost Train Tennessee Waltz Suprise Dance With Me Tonight
    Can't Stop Loving You   


VÅRTERMIN 2011 nivå 1
VÅRTERMIN 2011 nivå 2 VÅRTERMIN 2011 nivå 3
Step Back Live Laugh Love  Unpredictable
Tush Push Badda Boom Badda Bang  Go Johnny  
Foxi Girl Rockin' with the Rhythm Big Jimmy
County Line Cha cha Pack Up Your Little Troubles Make You Sweat
Boys Will Be Boys Telepathy Smokin Drinkin dancin
Sticks and Stones    Island In The Stream Jukebox  
My New Life   Suger & pai   San Antonio To Go
Strait Talkin  Black Coffee    Boogie Woogie Rythm
Babe Blue Night Cha Billy Jean 
Irish Stew Sex On The Beach Make This Day  
  Buy Me A Drink    Yolanda  

Trädets danser Ht 2010     Birchwood stroll  Video Country walkin Video Lindi shuffle  Video Little red book video  piece of cake video

Shakin Mix Video  No Klaws   Video

 Trädets kursdanser. Cut a rug Video  Mamma maria Video  Sunshine & Rain Video  Money money Video Electric Slide  Video

Hösttermin 2010 Freja
Nivå 1
Hösttermin 2010 Freja
Nivå 2
Hösttermin 2010 Freja
Nivå 3
Billy B Bad            Video    Video Crystel Blue                       Video Undercover         Video   Video
Chasse&Shuffle     Video Shalala                               Video Maybe I could     Video
No Klaws               Video    Video Kill The Spiders                  Video   Video Leaving On Monday Morning   Video
Shakin Mix            Video     Video Country lovin'                    Video 
Dancing Yet                          Just for grins                      Video Quitter                   Video
    Mariana Mambo    Video
Shy Waltz              Video Shy Waltz                           Video Shy Waltz               Video
This & That           Video This & That                        Video This & That            Video
Country walking    Video Wave on wave                     Video Caught in the act      Video 
Precious Time        Video  Video Southern Delight                 Video Doctor Doctor        Video
Strait Talkin           Video Whole agian                         Video I can't be bothered Video
Elvis Shuffle           Video Home to Louisiana              Video Home to Louisiana Video


Vårtermin 2010 Freja
Nivå 1
Vårtermin 2010 Freja
Nivå 2
Vårtermin 2010 Freja
Nivå 3
Mamma maria    Video Sweet sweet smile        Video T'morrow never knows    Video
Sunshine & rain  Video Love you too much     Video Louisiana swing               Video
Money Money    Video Loverboy                    Video Rock'n roll bride              Video
Electric slide        Video  I'm on my way shrek  Video Feel right                          Video
Clap and stomp   Video 1000 years                   Video Bosa nova       tor,sön       Video    Video
Memory cha cha  Video Just 4 fun                    Video Rhyme or Reason             Video
Sweet Talk                 California blue            Video Sweet little dangerous       Video
Let your love flow      High time                    Video Chill factor                       Video
Tush push            Video   Take a breather                Video    Video

Welcome Shoop Shoop                      Video Cheeky cha      Video
Lindi shuffle                  Video  Video Baby come back to me       Video Last in line       Video    
Cut a rug                       Video Do you love me                  Video   Cool Chick       Video    
Electric Slide                  Video Good Time                         Video   Video Go mama go     Video
 Mini Mariana               Video Reelin & Rockin                Video    Video Time to swing   Video   Video
Linda                            Video Smooth Operator               Video Trust me           Video    Video Video
Money Money money   Video Hello Goodbye       Come On          Video
  Crazy Postman                  Video Mony Mony     Video
  Before the devil                 Video Baby come on   Video


                         Vårtermin 09                          Vårtermin 09                          Vårtermin 09

Nivå 1

Nivå 2

Nivå 3

The Freeze               Video

Boot Scootin' Boogie  

Doctors Orders                    Video  Video

Tuff  Enuff

Crazy Foot Mambo                          Video   Video

Singing The Song                 Video  Video

Easy Fun                 Video

My New Life                                    Video

Brazil                                   Video

Cee Zee

Get down get funky                         Video

Viva La Vida                        Video  Video

Take It Away          Video

Little Red Book                               Video

Get Trashed                          Video

Little Red Book      Video

Bud wiser                                         Video

Turrn Me loose (32 steg)       Video

Togerherness          Video Dance Like You're The Only One     Video Little Red Book
Rodeo Blues           Video Stitch It Up                                      Video   Video Runaround Sue                    Video
 Babe Rodeo Blues                                    Video Hotter Than Cold                 Video   Video
Ziggy Come dance with me                       Video Galway Girls                         Video
     Moonlight kiss                     Video
    Rodeo Blues                          Video
    Shakatak                              Video
    Bobbie sue
    Doo Woop Be Doo

Nivå 1

Nivå 2

Nivå 3

Cowboy boogie   Video

Just a minute  Video  Video

Eagles Rock   Video Video
How Long          Video   Video Don't feel like dancing High Time        Video

Money Money Money  Video

Closer      Video  Video  Video    Low Key  Video  Video
Precious Time Icebreaker Video Dance Like You're The Only OneVideo
Ridin    Video Poco latte Catch The Rain  Video  Video
Strait Talkin It's country thing   Video Travelin Music   Video   Video
Baby Love    Video Hickory Lake  Video  Video Headphones   Video   Video
Foot Boogie   Video Foot Boogie Irish Spirit       Video  Video Video
    Foot Boogie
Nybörjare Vt 2008   Fortsättning Vt 2008
A-B Corner  

Charanga       Video   Video

Easy Up Hey boy
Cowgirl Twist      Video   Video Zjozzys Funk   Video  Video  Video
Cha Cha One   Big girl BoogieVideo  Video
Alabama swing   Pretty In Pink   Video  Video
Big Girls Boogie  Video Video   Firecracker        Video  Video
Pop Da Booty   Hot Tamales      Video  
Dream On              utlärd av Lena   Sea Salt Sally     Video
Cockadoodle         utlärd av Lena   Dream On          utlärd av Lena
Ace in the hole  

Cockadoodle     utlärd av Lena

Rockin Robin   Don't push me    Video
    Rockin Robin


Nybörjare Vt 2007 Nybörjare Ht 2007 Fortsättning Vt 2007  Forsättning Ht 2007
Cowboy Boogie Electric Slide                Video My Sister Big Love                      Video
Honky Tonk Stomp Start Easy                     Video  Video     Just a minute              Video Head over Heels         Video    Video
Precious Time Country Walking          Video  Video My Greek No.1          Video     Video Brand New Girlfriend  Video    Video
Symphony Shuffle 123 Waltz My self Control           Video Not Like That              Video    Video
Country stomp Ghost Train                   Video  Video Say Hey                       Video     Video A Gigolo                        Video    Video
Lindi Shuffle Come Dance With Me  Video  Video Crazy Cha                    Video Dance Dance Dance    Video
Honky Tonk Boots            Video Tush push   Video Video Video  Video Sky High                      Video Whole again                  Video    Video
All Over Agian Clap And Stomp A Heart Of An Angel  Video     Video Oh Mama                      Video    Video
Live Laugh Love               Video    A Little Bit Of Liv Show me wot u got Video Video Video
A Little Bit Of Liv Ashes Of Love             Video
Candy Wine                        Video   One More Midnight    Video    Video  


Nybörjare Vt 2006 Nybörjare Ht 2006 Fortsättning Vt 2006 Fortsättning Ht 2006
Electric Slide Electric Slide Be Strong                   Video Before The Devil           Video
Tuff Enuff Memory Cha Cha The World                  Video Rio                                   Video
Alcazar Ziggy Cadillac Baby                Tropical Breeze
Strait Talkin A-B Whirl  Video Jai´ Du Boogie            Video Macca Mambo                Video
Back To You Country Stomp I Can't Be Bothered   Video Rubitin                             Video
Twix Lindi Shuffle Strait Honky Tonk It's Up To You                  Video
Chattahoochee II Burnin Bosa Nova                 Video    Video   Sweet Addiction               Video
Icebreaker Walk Backwards          Video Just Wright                Video East To West                   Video
Let Your Love Flow Yee Haa Kill The Spiders Kill The spiders                Video
Cee Zee Cowboy Charlston Kind Of Magic Pop Da Booty
Babe Yo Quiero Bailar          Video Heartbreaker             Video A-Door-A-Bell                  Video
LoverBoy Irish Stew                      Video              Don't Feel Like DancingVideoVideo  
  Tall T   Drunk'n Love Waltz          Video
  Piece Of Cake   Doctor Doctor                    Video
Pop Da Booty   Cherry Poppins        Video  Video
Chill factor                          Video


Nybörjare Vt 2005 Nybörjare Ht 2005 Fortsättning Vt 2005 Fortsättning Ht 2005
Elictric Slide Hully Gully Rumba Linda                 Video Dance Whith You
A-B Ticket Cowboy Boogie Put Your Feet On The Beat A Lusty Appetite
123 Waltz 123 Waltz Enought is Enought Midnight Rendezvous
Ziggy ziggy Caught In The Act          Video If Only I Could
Cowboy Charleston A-B Whirl Island In The Stream  Video Video Trust Me                 Video
Just 4 fun Standing Outside I´m On My Way Shrek             Sundown Waltz              
Memory cha Cha Lindi Shuffle What´s On The Bar Mars Attack           Video  Video
Piece Of Cake Country Stomp You´re So Naughty         Video Pot Of Gold             Video
Tall T 5678 Chill factor  
Sweet 16 Tall T    
Precious Time Simply rock    
Babe Irish Stew    
Come Dance With Me      video 100 Years    
  Shuffle And Rock